Episode 4: Word After Word: David Hicks

Welcome everyone to Word After Word – a podcast on writing.  This episode officially launches “season 2” of the podcast in which we find David Hicks moving from the co-host chair to the interviewee chair.

David has just returned from a whirlwind, international book tour in support of his new novel White Plains.  David talks in depth about the novel and his experiences on the road as well as the perils of losing the keys to your rental car. David as always is  pleasure to talk to and I think you’ll  be surprised by who plays him in the movie. Then again, I always suspected he was a little bit rock n’ roll.

If you want to learn more about David check out his website or his Twitter and by all means pick up a copy of White Plains at one of the links below. You’ll be glad you did:

Thanks for listening and until next time…just keep writing.

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